About Us

We are not yet another white label polish company. We are family run business on british soil.

We started from developing our own pigments and slowly incorporating them into cosmetics. We believe in profession through science.

Early stages of developing aurora pigment on the glass in our laboratory

We have full control over formulation and pigmentation. We have small lab in the UK where we are developing our products. Due to the size we are at the moment outsourcing production to other laboratories in UK,Europe and China. All the labs which we are using have the cosmetic ISO 22716:2007 standard. The ISO is really important to us as it is defining good manufacturing practice and quality of ingredients.

We can do customize match and bespoke colors of gel polishes with help of spectrometer as long as it is included in visible spectrum of colors;)

Our ultimate goal is to make all of our products in UK in our own lab,but this will take time and money. Small steps and we will be there!

Thank you for your continuous support!