What is ISO?
ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, and our lab is certified to ISO 22716, which governs Cosmetic Product Safety. This means that our products are manufactured to a high standard in an environment that adheres to good manufacturing practices. This means that the materials used in our products are strictly controlled.

Are you a professional brand?
Yes, our products are for professional use only.

Are your products HEMA free?
Yes,all of our products are HEMA free.

What lamp should I use to cure your products?
We recommend using SunUV lamps. Our products have been tested with these lamps and the range is relatively inexpensive and efficient, allowing you to try our gels without the additional cost of an expensive lamp. We advise using a 48W UV/LED lamp with a minimum of 365 + 405 nanometers to provide proper curing of our products. Anything less powerful than this may result in improper curing.

Are your products Vegan?
Yes all of our products are vegan and we are not using animals by products. We are during process of PETA certification.

Are your products are registered for UK and EU markets?
Yes, our products are registered with the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal for UK and EU.

Are your products safe to use on nails?
Yes, our products are assessed according to the EU 1223/2009 EU Cosmetic Regulations.

Are your products hypoallergenic?
All of our products are HEMA free. The allergies depends from individual immunology system. Some people will not be allergic on certain ingredients and some will. We are trying to aim at being hypoallergenic with gel polishes and with we are 100% hypoallergenic with the powders. With professional application of our products allergy reaction can be eradicate to 0.

Should I wear a face mask during working with your powders?
Yes you have to wear a face mask.

What should I do if myself or a client experience an allergic reaction to a product?
Remove the product immediately and cease continued use. If necessary, seek medical advice. Please contact us via email at [email protected] to inform us of any suspected allergic reaction to any of our products.

How to minimize the risk of allergic reactions?

1. Always wear non permeable, nitrile gloves when handling uv curable gels

2. Avoid contact with the skin, if contact occurs, remove immediately

3. Do not cure nails with any product on the skin

4. Cure in a 40W UV/LED lamp with a minimum of 365 nanometers. Follow the curing times as per product guide.

5. Remove your gloves using a ‘no touch method’ i.e. do not pull from the fingertips where you could touch transferred product, pull down from the wrist, turning the glove inside out and dispose of in general waste. Always use a fresh pair of gloves.

6. Always wash both hands with warm, soapy water after the final application of top coat and before any hand creams or cuticle oils are applied

7. Our products are for use by qualified nail professionals only